Comparison among Newcamd,CCcam and Mgcamd

If you are familiar with viewing premium channels via sharing then you should definitely know about card sharing and their protocols. Before start comparing newcamd, cccam and Mgcamd let me define what is card sharing and how to use it for viewing premium satellite TV channels at very cheap prices.

What is Card Sharing?

The word “card sharing” is normally used for sharing and viewing Satellite premium TV channels over network. In simple words let’s say you are a subscriber of any satellite Tv that you possessed card for it. Now you better know that one card is useful for one Tv only. You can not use one card with multiple boxes. So if you want to view chanels on another room then you need to buy new box with new subscriptions. Now what card sharing servers does is to share the same card over the internet either on same network or millions miles away from you by connecting over internet.

What is card Sharing server?

As per self explanatory card sharing server contains two side, the host and the client side. The host side consist of all basic configurations that is needed for clients to be connected with the host like cccam port details, card subscription details and number of users etc. In order you make server functional, it decrypt card details and send the details to it’s client who is connected with the host either on the same network or through internet from any country. Client receiver which are connected with the host, decrypt these codes and open premium channels on your Tv. The main benefit of card sharing server is that you don’t need to buy subscribers card for each Tv, as you know it’s cost a lot. These types of server reduces the cost of buying cards for each room by simply using these protocols.

After you have setup your server, you should know about the protocols which are used by your receiver to be connected with the host or the server. For this purpose we use three most useful and most famous protocols which are Newcamd, CCcam and Mgcam.Let us discuss them individually.

Newcamd Protocol

Very useful protocol which is used for connecting server with oscam or sometimes with Client, it can easily run a cache system which is much beneficial for server holders who may use oscam for sharing. The most important feature of Newcamd is that it use and store data in cache, which means that it reduces the load on cards because if Newcamd decodes one ecm then it will be stored in oscam’s cache, at the same time if any other user request same ecm at the same time then instead of demanding ecm from card, it will get ecm from cache memory. It will reduce the burden on card.

Newcamd supports only one card (CAID) per port. If you have setup two satellite then you need to get two N-Lines with two different ports for your receiver.

Newcamd is best stable protocol, it takes less data than any other protocols. Newcamd line looks like this:

N: your-hostname Port username password deskey

CCcam Protocol

One of the most famous protocol which we all know is the CCcam.
CCcam stands for Client Card Conditional Access Module. This is also known as “emulator or Softcam”. This protocol is used by Oscam to connect various cards to oscam. It is a communication protocol. It allows to send or receive information between different set-top boxes. It is also used to watch premium paid Satellite TV channels by cardsharing or Linux based receivers. CCcam is closed source. The only defect of this protocol is that it do not have cache system, which means that for each user request of ecm, cccam demands ecm from card which increases burden on card and increases ecm glitch.

One another defect in cccam is that once you add new card on server side, or add new user then you need to reboot/restart your client in order to CCcam work perfect otherwise it never update latest configuration.

The advantage of CCam over Newcamd is that it support multiple Cards (CAID) in a single line, which means that if you have setup multiple satellites then you do not need to get individual line for each satellite. One cccam support multiples cards with a single port. Formal CCcam line looks like this:

C: your-host-name Port username password

Mgcamd Protocol

Latest and containing rich in features protocol named Mgcamd is one of the best among all the above protocols. Mgcamd allow you to add new card without rebooting or resetting your client. Furthermore this protocol will never stop or interrupt user subject to interference of the admin.

One of the great advantage of Mgcamd over CCcam is that zapping is minimum in Mgcamd because Mgcamd based on clustered cache which means that when any user request ecm from card, then data remains save in mgcamd cache system, if any other user at the same time request ecm of the same channel then mgcamd protocol provide him ecm from cache memory. Mgcamd is open source, We normaly prefer open source as it means that we can checked the entire code to prevent usage by hackers or any backdoor code that may cause problem to conditional access system (CAS).
Same like CCcam, in Mgcamd you also do not need to get separate port for each satellite. Mgcamd protocol possess the characteristics of getting couples of cards (CAID) in one port. Mgcamd is more stable among all above. Mgcamd line looks like this:

N: your-server-host port username password deskey


Finally to conclude, we have to be noticed that each protocol haS it’s own strengths and weakness, pros and cons.

But as per my experience i can say that Mgcamd protocol has excessive numbers of features than others. Choices may differ from person to person, need to need. If you need further clarification or want me to write article on any other topic, feel free to post in comment box.

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