How to fix CCcam Cline freezing issue

If you are facing CCcam, Mgcam or Newcamd line freezing or scrambled issue then this post is for you. If you are using CCcam Cline to view paid channels then this is one of the most common problem which are facing most of the peoples among us. So i have decided to write post for all possible reasons which make your Cline freezing or scrambling. There are many possible reasons at Clients end as well as Server side also that are beyond your control but you can overcome issues at peer end (Client side). I have found 10 possible reasons of freezing. Let’s start finding reasons why your CCcam malfunctioning and how to fix them.

10 possible reasons of CCcam Cline freezing.

#1 Slow Internet or Internet Packet Loss

First and the most important cause of channel freezing that you have faced is due to slow or bad internet connection. If your internet continuously dropping packets then you will surely face line freezing issue. Internet packet drops occurs when single packet or multiples of them fails to reach at the destination. One of the other reason of packet drops is due to overhead in packet switching. The best and the fast way to get rid of this problem is to change your internet connection with better service provider. You can also check your ping response time to judge your internet speed as well as packets transfer status.

#2 Do Not Download or Stream Online When Viewing Tv

Another most important cause of channel freezing is downloading or watching online movies over internet or using torrents,bitcomits or any other download accelerators for downloading data from internet. By doing such acts will results slow down your internet connection that causes connection breaks from your cccam server side. So it is necessary that when you are viewing Tv channels then do not download anything from the internet.

#3 One CCcam Cline On Two Boxes

One of the most common reason of Cccam freezing is just because of one line is used on two Set-top boxes. Be remember never use one Cline in two boxes without permission from Server provider’s because if Server holder doesn’t grant permission of resharing and amend your cline credential to use one Cline on two or multiple boxes then you can not use on two boxes. If you do so then when 1st box online then other go offline, and it will try to connect again,this cause 2nd box to go offline and 1st go online. This process repeats again and again and the process of connecting and disconnecting continue and as a result you face freezing or scrambled issue.

#4 Two Different Server’s Cccam Cline in One Box

This is one of the most important cause of channel freezing that you peoples faced. If you have inputted two lines from two different card sharing servers then when you view Tv Channel of same card on same satellite which is also available on 2nd server then the card having slow ecm causes problem for you, this results continuous freezing or scrambling. The best possible solution is to first put one cline in box and test the quality of the line, if you are not satisfied then first delete this line from your Server’s configuration on your set-top box then put second line and test again. But never use two clines on one box at the same time.

#5 Dish is not Properly Tuned to Satellite

If your dish is not Properly aligned and your receiver is not properly tuned to get correct Tp list then these channels with wrong tp’s causing problem and scrambling every 5 seconds. At this stage it is not the fault of Cline, Simply align your dish to correct location and then retune normally solve the issue of cccam freezing.

#6 Server Overloaded

At peak time specially at night time when couples of users are online and viewing channels resulting sometimes Server’s Overload which causes slow down of connections between server and the client. If server is overloaded then it breaks connection on random bases. Due to this reason speed of sending ecm to client reduces which results cutting and freezing in Cline. This remedy is for server holders to restart their server immediately. By restarting helps in clearing cache and ram memory and give sufficient space to server for smooth working. This will immediately solve freezing issue.

#7 Bad Server

It is not necessary that problem is always at client side. Their is also a problem on servers side also. Bad server means if Server holder is getting card subscription from the company that have slow internet or slow port speed or sometimes sharing his own card but on bad internet connection surely results freezing or scrambling Clines because the ping response time increases every millisecond. It is mandatory that when you are planning to host CCcam server then you must have high speed internet with minimum 3MBPS speed of internet connection.

#8 Reboot Router

Sometimes rebooting wifi or modem router solve your issue of freezing. Because your router sometimes give static or wrong ipv4 address to your receiver. Use below mentioned steps to reboot your wifi router:

  1. Unplug your router or modem from its power source (don’t just turn it off).
  2. Wait at least 15 to 20 seconds, then plug it back.
  3. Allow your device for few minutes (at least 1 or 2 minute) to turn back on.

#9 Replace Wifi Dongle connecting Box with Router

One of the most common cause of channel freezing is because of bad wifi Dongle which is connected with your receiver. Try replacing wifi dongle device with another one or connect your Set-top Box directly to your router through Lan cable.

#10 Bad Set-top Box

There are couples of fake companies in market which are offering Set-top box receivers at a very cheap price. Please do not purchase these receivers because quality of these receivers are not good. These receivers continuously freeze cline every 5 second and you face scrambled channel error problem. Always use branded set-top boxes like openbox, skybox, neosat or 1506g chip based receivers.


By reading above mentioned points you will be able to sort out main issue of freezing on your boxes. Enjoy freeze free CCcam, if you need further help or facing any other issue then feel free to write in comment box.

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