Add CCcam Cline in Set-top Box

Here is the very simple steps to write CCcam Cline in your set-top box, receiver including china boxes or openbox V series, or skybox f series.

Follow below mentioned step by step procedure to add cccam cline in any set-top box.

1. First of all click below link and get your free CCcam Cline from our AJKTV CCcam server.

Click here to get Free CCcam Cline

2. After solving captcha code, you will see your free CCCam Cline like below:

C: 11000 2405187 3109642

Your CCcam Cline consist of four (04) parts, Let us explain this one by one:

i) Host: (This is your host name)

ii) Port: 11000 (This is your port)

iii) Username: 2405187 (This is your Username)

iv) Password: 3109642 (This is your Password)

Now put these data in your box. In our case, we are using openbox v8s.

a. By using remote control, press menu button. You will see below mentioned screen:


b. Now navigate to Network Local Setting by pressing right arrow button using remote:


c. (Important Step) Now please make it sure you have not selected any option (Like above) 

If you have selected any option then it will highlight specific tab. In this case, you have to press “Left arrow” key to deselect it.

d. Now press “6666” by using remote control. This will open new menu “Camds Setup” like below:


e. Now go to Camds Setup menu and you will see all Camd Setup like CCcam, Mgcam, Newcamd etc like below:


 f. Now go to CCcam Client setup and you will see these two options “Update Files By USB” and “Manage Config.cfg”. In our case we are using 2nd option. Press OK button and select CCcam.cfg


g. Now use right arrow and go to “Add” and you will see below mentioned desired options:


h. Use Host, Port, Username and password which we have obtained from step 2. Put all the desired data and press OK.


Finally you have completed all steps and you are ready to view paid channels with absolutely free of cost. If you are facing any trouble, feel free to post comment. We feel pleasure to serve you.

AJKTV CCcam Admin

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