Script to AutoStart Oscam/CCcam/Multics When it Crash

As we know that Oscam/CCcam and Multics are client emu, which would sometimes power off/stop working or crash. Due to this reason you are facing Cline or Nline offline issue. As we know this will create bad impact of our server on our clients. After that when you come to know that your server is offline then you either power on again or you have to restart the server again.

Today i am going to share with you how to get rid of this issue. After following my steps, you do not need worry about server/cline or Nline offline issue again.

Introduction and working of my script:

Best characteristics of my script is that this script will check every minute that your server is running or not. if due to any reason your server stop or crashed, it will immediately start your server again. This way you will never face any issue of Clines offline issue.


This script has been tested on:

  1. Ubuntu (All versions)
  2. CentOs (7 & 8)

Follow below mentions step by step tutorial, in this case i am using ubuntu 16.04 and multics

By using any of your favourite SSH client. login to your server as root user. in my case i am using putty.

  • After log on to your server, type below command in terminal:
cd /etc
  • We are going to write script in etc folder. Now create new file by using below command:

you may either change name to whatever you want like or

  • Now we are going to grant full permission to our script. Use below command for this purpose:
chmod 777
  • Now we have to open this file by using any of your favourite editor. In my case i am using “NANO”. Use below command to open file with nano editor:

(Important) if you are facing this error message:

bash: nano: command not found

Do not worry, this error means that nano is not currently installed on your machine. you need to follow below commands in order to install nano:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install nano

After successfully installation of nano then type again command mentioned in step 04.

  • Now you will see new blank window in your screen. Write below script code in this file:
if ! ps -C multics > /dev/null
    /usr/local/bin/multics -b
  • After writing these lines. Press CTRL + O to save these values and then CTRL + X to close nano.

At this stage our script writing part has been completed. Now the next step is to write command in crontab. We configure crontab command in such a way that crontab play our script every minute.

  • Use below command to enter etc folder, then open nano again by using below command:
cd /etc
export EDITOR="nano"
crontab -e
  • Now you will see another page on your screen. press enter to leave space for new entry either on top side or bottom side, then write below command:
*/1 * * * * /etc/

This crontab line will check every minute if multics is running. if not then the script will restart multics. press Ctrl + o to save then Ctrl + x to close the editor.


That’s it. In this way you can setup either oscam, cccam,multics or any application which you want to be remained power on.

If you need further help, feel free to write in comments.

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